Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Seeing as I was unable to add as many pictures as I'd hoped to the last post, I'm creating a new one specifically for the cats. Not that I've neglected them in previous posts: they're all well represented here. But these are new pictures. You know, because cats change so much. ::wink::

Above, Schmoo (left) and Sadie (right) relaxing together. As mentioned yesterday, this is major progress for Sadie who, heretofore, has been less than happy about hanging out with anyone except Milo. I'm not sure why she'd wedged herself in between Schmoo's favorite lamb's wool blanket and the wall, but I'm glad she didn't feel cornered when Schmoo showed up.

To the right, Milo (top) and Woodle (bottom) having a nap on the Canadian glider, which we call The Throne. This is a very popular chair with everyone except Sadie. In fact, no humans actually sit in this chair anymore. They could, but at risk of the squashed top cushion and a ton of cat hair on that somewhat disheveled afghan.

Somewhere along the line, the cats came to realize that they didn't have to find other napping spots just because one cat was on the chair. So now, they double up. There's also a gliding ottoman, which also frequently gets use.

I never really imagined a four-cat house, but we're managing very well. On a regular basis, all four cats will now lounge in a single room. Once in a while, it's the bedroom. More frequently, it's the office. The best spot is the downstairs living room, as it's a big room with lots of kitty sleeping spots.

Off to work.

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