Monday, October 17, 2005

photos return

In hopes of getting my new computer up and running in July, I uninstalled numerous applications and such from my "old" computer, including my photo software. Now that it's October, and I'm still struggling to get the new computer functional, I've decided to reinstall a few things on the old one. My photo capability has returned.

And now for the slide show!

First, Caitlin on the first day of release for the new Harry Potter book. As you can see, she was excited at the prospect of greeting the postal carrier (who was mildly frightened but didn't run away) in full wizard regalia. Somehow, the little black-rimmed HP glasses were lost, and I never knew that wizards went barefoot, but otherwise her ensemble was nearly color coordinated with the book's jacket. Note Caitlin's high regard for the rest of the mail.

That same day, she introduced us to the newest member of their animal clan, Roxy. A beautiful and amazingly loud bird, Roxy is actually just being fostered by Cait's family until the shelter can find a good home for her. She looks sweet enough here, but shortly after this photo was taken, she climbed up Ted's arm and proceeded to attack his head! Needless to say, we have no more pictures of Roxy.

Despite being in New Hampshire several times this summer, we have remarkably few pictures. We'll do our best to rectify that situation in the time between now and the New Year. Meanwhile, we managed to visit our friends, Allison and Paige a few weeks back. Allison was amazed by Paige's swing ability, including her energetic dismounts (of which, no photos are posted here because the speed was so great, Paige was merely a blur).

Then there are the cats. You know, I don't think I'm a crazy cat lady, but with four running around, all indications to the contrary. There's Milo. Eldest male and ever reliable, Milo spends nearly equal amounts of time with Sadie, Schmoo, and Woodle, alternately bathing their heads, pushing them off their sleeping spot, or chasing them. Such a good big brother. Sadie tries to maintain the integrity of her personal space, although it's often just not possible. She has, therefore, mastered the art of not hissing or growling when any cat other than Milo (who she loves) comes within 10 feet of her. This is major progress for Sadie!

Schmoo is still glad simply to be inside, even though it's been four years since we rescued her. She tolerates everything from everyone and just purrs and sleeps and acts cute. And Woodle is completely integrated into the fold now. He still loves to play (he's way more energetic than Milo, Sadie and Schmoo ever were). The difference is now his playmates understand that he's playing. All in all, a happy cat home.

Now, Picasa isn't letting me put in four individual pictures, so I guess I'll have to settle for one picture with all four cats in it. This is a first-of-its-kind! Unfortunately, it's not the best quality in the world, but it will have to suffice for now.

Oh poop, now it's not even letting me put in one more picture. I'll try again later.

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