Saturday, March 05, 2005

no bugs bunny for me

It's Saturday morning, and as Saturday mornings go, it's early. I'm an official grown-up now, so it shouldn't be of any consequence that I didn't sleep in on this Saturday morning. Where even the official grown-up in me has gone psycho, though, is where by 7:45am, I have already been working for nearly an hour and a half at my office. No, not my home office. My office at my company's headquarters.

When I left the office yesterday, I was planning to put in a solid six hours of work today: I have a ton of things to do. Somehow, the plan shifted from me -- outfitted with lounge pants and sweatshirt -- working in the comfort of my home office with the cats close by for the occasional distraction, to me getting showered and dressed and driving 11 miles to the office where I work five days a week (excepting the occasional telecommuting day).

If you haven't already astutely noted, I am currently not working... I'm blogging! This is a minor diversion, however, as I really do have a boatload of things to do.

But the desire to attend to at least a few things in my personal life has drawn me into the Blogosphere. Maybe someday soon, I'll actually be able to vacuum our house, reorganize our garage, finish our taxes, file year-old paperwork, or address any of the hundred undone chores at home. So alluring is the concept of relaxing personal time (because it's way at the bottom of the pigpile of things to do), that I found myself reading a book at midnight -- despite the fact that I knew I had to get up at 5:15am this morning.

That's enough random chat for now. I must get back to my warehouse of things to do. Perhaps I'll return for more scintillating blogging later.

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