Thursday, May 15, 2008


Things I haven't blogged about:

  • One nephew's birthday (the one that closed the door on teenagehood for him)
  • One niece's trip to the other side of the world (well, I am still waiting for all the details and pictures from her because she's actually still there)
  • Spring on the Seacoast, the opening of the windows, and the omnipresent scent of blooming
  • My search for a new job, and the dragged out investment pertaining to it
  • How the ball of the pull chain on my banker's lamp sits everso lightly on one cat's head while she sleeps on my desk
  • Some cool new software I got after a visit to the Children's Museum
  • My recent fascination with making stewed tomatoes from scratch (and, of course, the recipe)
  • My father's inquisitioning (an ongoing process, and enjoyable for me)
  • My shrinking mother (not what you might think)
  • The beautiful moon the last couple nights
  • The music I'm listening to these days (now that I've weaned myself off Michael Buble -- at least temporarily)
  • The Manchester Wolves
  • Another nephew's trifecta of accomplishments
  • Another niece's ivy league frustration
  • The travails of being a small business owner
  • How much I love my family (actually, I have blogged about that; just not lately)
  • American Idol (not once this season, and neither have I voted at all)
  • A new size acceptance rant (tentatively titled "BMI is a Crock," sprinkled with screen captures of click ads from everywhere, and started before BFB posted this one yesterday)
  • Top Gear (my new favorite TV show), and a bit of a crush on Richard Hammond especially now that I know about the crash
  • Playing Scrabulous, Scramble, and Who Has the Biggest Brain on Facebook
  • The sucky suckingness of having rheumatoid arthritis at the tender young age of 42
  • Our new across-the-hall neighbors and renovation in the now-vacant apartment above us, and the consequent activity, noise, aromas, and dust that accompany them
  • My plan to make billions of dollars from an old family recipe (maybe I don't need a new job after all)
  • Another cat's insane obsession with SmartFood
  • The fourth cat's obsession with the third cat (he just thinks she's so pretty and he always wants to play, but I sense she finds him a bit cloying)
  • A love of This American Life, which I used to listen to on the radio and now I listen to on my iPod, and the near-desire to spend money on additional cable channels that would allow me to watch the show version
  • Other stuff
Someday, I'll blog again.

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