Thursday, April 17, 2008

fruit on my head and a song in my heart

In a previous post, I mentioned having made two South Park avatars and that I was saving one for a particularly kooky mood. No time like the present. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Kelly Miranda!

Please note the Hawaiian shirt (which makes me long to go back to that marvelous place), the omnipresent iPod (did I mention I have one just for my kitchen now.. like the old days of a kitchen radio, except mine is a kitchen iPod?), and the seriously wacky eyebrows (I refuse to pluck!). Also, although my hair is about this length now, the red has generally disappeared, leaving me with my natural darkish brown with random wiry greys (that often stand on end) and a spectacular star burst of silver over the right side of my forehead. And of course, my mouth is wide open. I'd say given the music machine and millinery, I'm singing Ethel Merman... loudly (the only way to sing her).

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