Tuesday, March 20, 2007

napkin notes

Not getting to this until 11:30pm, and don't want to take 90 minutes to compose. So just using incredibly terse scribblings to update. Not even going to use pronouns. Ha. British Invasion night with Peter Noone and Lulu.

1. Haley. Ppppbbbbbbttttt.

2. Chris R. Very good job, showing restraint and singing talent on "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying."

3. Stephanie. Flat in spots, generally shaky. Hugely frustrating because I know she's talented. First time I haven't loved the dress, but I did love the jewelry.

4. Blake. Excellent. "Time of the Season" the perfect song for him to show off both singing and beatboxing talent. Finally judges agreed.

5. LaKisha. Excellent as always. Very pretty dress, and love the million dollars in diamonds. But the song "Diamonds are Forever" did nothing for me.

6. Phil. "Tobacco Road." Good grief. Pppbbbbbtttttt.

7. Jordin. Nose gets closer to LaKisha's and Melinda's noses every week. Never heard "I Who Have Nothing" before tonight, but she did it justice.

8. Sanjaya. Remember how I said Sundance Head should NEVER had attempted to sing Pearl Jam? Multiply that sentiment by a gazillion, and you have Sanjaya singing the Kinks' song "You Really Got Me." The only thing that prevented it from slipping into blasphemy territory was the sheer amount of fun he had singing it.

9. Gina. "Paint it Black" was the perfect song choice for her, but Simon said it best: "style over content."

10. Chris S. Another impeccable song choice in "She's Not There." Wasn't keen on the walking-through-the-audience bit, but overall another good performance.

11. Melinda. Perfect. You'll note I didn't merely say "Excellent." She surpasses most all of the rest with ease and grace. As much as I love LaKisha and am rooting for Blake and Chris Sligh, I still think Melinda takes home the prize.

Miscellaneous Note. Who is Ashley, and why did every single minute of the 2-hour show make her cry?

Synopsis. Nothing changed my overall opinions tonight.

Phew! That entry only took 14 minutes. Unfortunately, it's painfully apparent. I have to find a happy medium! 'Night.

"Still Remains" by Stone Temple Pilots from one of my favorite albums of the 90s. I spent most of Summer '94 listening to this CD. At the time, I'd just begun working for the company where I've now been for 13 years. Our office was in Kirkland, WA, which on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, across from Seattle. Lots of nice parks to which I escaped for lunch and STP-listening.

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