Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i love you, too, john

I was lucky enough to get whiff of him slightly before the listening world latched on, so it still feels like he's "mine" (even though he's now officially huge). I was lucky enough to go see him in concert a few summers ago, dragging along my niece (who wasn't exactly kicking and screaming) and her father (who wasn't exactly sure why he was there). I just finished being lucky enough to watch his entire concert from Webster Hall in New York City streaming live on the internet, and I am reminded what an amazing show he puts on. I wish I had been in the room, too. And I was futzing around on his blog, and found his confession of love. So the least I can do is give him a little plug on my own blog, right?

Go buy this album now. By whatever means possible. And if you don't have Room For Squares, Heavier Things, Try! (with the trio), or anything he's ever touched, buy them too. Any time a songwriter can score a Grammy on his second album (the one notorious for being afflicted by the Sophomore Slump), it's proof that the talent is genuine and deep.

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