Saturday, June 10, 2006

blogging, gyrating, procrastinating

Blogger's still having woes. So, I'm using that as an excuse to delay continuation of my vacation stories (although it's certainly valid that I still can't upload pictures). Meanwhile, check out the Evolution of Dance. Apparently, this has been all the rage on the internet the last couple weeks, but I'm just now finding it. Although I find the whole thing very amusing (and am astonished at this man's energy), my favorite is the Brady clip. You'll definitely need sound for this one.

Going to try and go to sleep now. Despite an apparent midnight bedtime last night, I couldn't sleep and so stayed up until 2:15am watching movies (bits and pieces, and most of Hitch). Speaking of which, we decided on MI:III today. It was pretty good in an action movie kind of way. Certainly better than MI:2.

Interesting observation. Although it can be partly attributed to the first weekend for Cars (and the theater we went to had Cars on three screens), I wonder if the Tom Cruise flap is the reason behind a mere eight people attending today's 4:05pm showing. Hmmm. Good night.

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