Tuesday, March 21, 2006

workin' it out (dawg)

Ted joins tonight's American Idol blog, as we wrap up our viewing of the 2-hour show and rap about the performances. We think we have -- in the words of judge Randy Jackson -- worked it out.

1. Mandisa
Kelly's comment: She's an amazing singer, did a great job with tonight's song, and for the first time this season, the stylists got her outfit right. She not only sounded great, she looked absolutely beautiful.
Ted's comment: A hot, sexy number. And I liked the song, too.

2. Bucky Covington
Kelly's comment: He gets an A for effort, but he still looks terribly uncomfortable up there. I stick with my original assessment that he simply doesn't have the makings of a pop singer.
Ted's comment: Getting better every week. Probably still bottom three. Could probably win Southern Fried Rock Idol.

3. Paris Bennett
Kelly's comment: Wow, a dynamite performance. I know she's put a lot of effort into her craft, but at this age, she clearly has this talent in her genes.
Ted's comment: Ah, Paris in the Springtime. Fabulous sound as usual, but I wasn't crazy about that arrangement ("Fever"). It was too fast.

4. Chris Daughtry
Kelly's comment: Chris is near about perfect. His performance and song choice were great, and this arrangement of "I Walk the Line" was incredible. But Chris doesn't need me. I know it's this attitude that routinely puts good singers in the bottom three (like Ace last week), but I just can't shake it.
Ted's comment: Unless the fix is in, he should be in the final two. It's obvious that they (American Idol producers) love him because they give him lots of lights.

5. Katharine McPhee
Kelly's comment: Very polished and professional. She sounded nearly flawless (again), although it was lacking a real fire. Still, an excellent performance.
Ted's comment: I didn't like it as much as the judges seemed to, but I think she's safe. I don't see her getting much higher than the top five.

6. Taylor Hicks
Kelly's comment: I don't care that the song only had five notes. Taylor nailed it! I loved his performance. Despite a lack of vocal acrobatics, his singing was spot on. And that little hunch dance! He never fails to make me happy.
Ted's comment: Where he got a suit to match his hair, I'll never know. He and Chris should be the final two. He's just fun to watch and listen to, and that's what music is about!

7. Lisa Tucker
Kelly's comment: I'm disappointed that she seems to be sliding backwards. We know she's capable of more, but tonight's performance was erratic despite a few shining notes.
Ted's comment: She brings a knife to a gun fight. Bottom three.

8. Kevin Covais
Kelly's comment: OK, I get it. People think he's adorable. But he so doesn't belong here. My fear is that his song choice tonight will further melt the hearts of his mysterious fan base and keep them dialing.
Ted's comment: Opie must die! Note to the police, that's figuratively speaking. He's like that annoying kid last year (Jon Peter Lewis) who hangs around way too long because he's cute and lovable.

9. Elliott Yamin
Kelly's comment: OK, he's done it again and picked one of my all-time favorite songs ("Teach Me Tonight"). Where Taylor makes me smile, Elliott wins me over with his propensity for challenging songs and the wonderful tone of his voice.
Ted's comment: I didn't recognize the song, and I have no real opinion because I power-napped during his performance.
Kelly's comment on Ted's comment: TiVo, babe. When you get home from work tomorrow, check it out.

10. Kellie Pickler
Kelly's comment: The Patsy Cline is perfect for her. She did an excellent rendition of this song, despite being dressed like a dance club junkie with her face caked in wrong-colored foundation. Kellie has nothing to fear this week.
Ted's comment: The Pickle! Great song, great version, need to cut down on the make-up because she's very pretty if they didn't glam her up. She's definitely top four or five.

11. Ace Young
Kelly's comment: I like Ace, I really do. He has a beautiful voice and what appears to be sincere desire to communicate with song. This jazzy version of "In the Still of the Night" was very cool, and his capstone falsetto note was perfect. He doesn't make my spine tingle (only Ted does that... awwww), but I like him.
Ted's comment: One of my favorite songs. He did a great job, and I'm just amazed by his effortless falsetto.

Kelly's Summary
Say what you will about him, but Barry Manilow clearly had a hand in the overall high level of tonight's performances. He is a master song arranger and has a nose (pun intended) for what works. Everyone did well tonight, and my bottom three is not indicative of bad performances, just the weakest of the group.

Ted's Summary
This week, they all picked good songs, unlike last week when there were a lot of "wrong" songs. Oh, and Paula needs to be taken out back and stoned.

The Three That Get Kelly's Vote Tonight

The Three That Get Ted's Vote Tonight

Kelly Thinks These are the Bottom Three

Ted Thinks These are the Bottom Three

Ultimately, Kelly Concludes,
I'm drawn to Taylor Hicks in a way that borders on euphoria, and I am mesmerized by Elliott Yamin. I think Chris Daughtry should be employed at this very minute doing what he does and not fiddlin' with this silly American Idol stuff. Ditto Mandisa. On the flip side, Kevin can't be gone soon enough.

Ultimately, Ted Concludes,
Lisa will go home this week because it's too early for Kevin's peeps to turn on him, and Bucky's getting support from somewhere.

There. Now wasn't that fun? Tandem, husband and wife commentary. Reviewing and considering all comments, it would seem that we are pulling for Taylor Hicks.

Taylor, say it ain't so! The nickname "silver fox" would just be silly if you were brunette.

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