Tuesday, January 04, 2005

hippo birdie two ewes

That fun Sandra Boynton cartoon doesn't quite work when wishing oneself a happy birthday. But still, it's fun. When I was a kid, I remember people saying that they stopped aging at 29. Somewhere along the line, that morphed into 39. I haven't yet heard it be revised upward, so I guess I'm now officially at the age where I stop aging. The big 3-9. I can see from up here the other side of the hill which I'm supposedly going over. Funny thing is, I don't really feel much different now than I did at 29, or 19 for that matter.

Happy birthday to me.


Michelle said...

WOW!!! Happy birthday my friend! It's perfectly okay to wish yourself a happy birthday! Yes, this is the year we turn our final age of 39.... won't next year be exciting??? We will be 39 with 1 year of experience!

Michelle Z

JoJo said...

Happy Birthday! I tried to wish you a happy day the other day, but Blogger was not cooperating. Hope it was a good one. Mood is less blue, more green. :-)