Thursday, December 02, 2004

an observation on blogs

It's been a week since my last post. Thanksgiving preparations and some traveling (then subsequent catching up after the traveling) have sapped my time. I do occasionally make it online to wander around a bit, so maybe it's more a lack of energy than of time that I haven't written anything. Maybe it's a sign that my blog will suffer the same fate as my journals -- the gradual decrease in entries. Sigh.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I sometimes wander online. One of the things I've taken to doing is clicking the NEXT BLOG link at the top of the site. After admiring as artlike those blogs written in foreign languages, I stop and read those in English (I am woefully monolingual). Most times, I'll read four or five posts and maybe the blogger's profile. I've actually replied with a comment on one blog whose author I didn't know, just because I felt she and I had a lot in common.

But the overriding impression I have of the selection of blogs I've encountered is that many of their authors are using this medium as a means to express opinions they might otherwise not express. Topics considered taboo in "polite company," such as politics and religion, are all over the place in the blogosphere. To some degree, it seems that anonymity is the fuel that powers this engine. While I understand that urge, it's difficult for me to take seriously any topic opined by an unidentified source. I've been tempted to use my blog for a bit of quiet activism myself, but I am not anonymous.

That leads me directly to something my father taught me: if you're going to espouse an opinion, have the courage of your convictions to identify yourself. Anyone who may be affected by your tirade will be able to put the information into context by understanding the author. It's impossible to trust an invisible source. Without knowing the source, it's all fiction.

My lunchtime two cents.

Kelly Cox Semple


Mr Wabbit said...

Hey, I quite happily activist at people and don't bother about anonymity whatsoever.

The decrease in entries is probably because thanksgiving stuff is just draining you at the moment, you'll probably be posting when things are less chaotic. Hope so anyway, you're a good writer.

Michelle said...

Hey Kel, It's Michelle in VT. I love your blog! I am using yours as sort of a model... I love the random links you put in...they keep it interesting. I have yet to figure out the picture part... Thanks for inspiring me to blog! Because you inspired me, I inspired my mother-in-law...who now has her own at and she writes about my kids and Ben and Stacy's kids! So cool!